Class of 2024 Boys

-Sacred Heart University

⭐️Miles Buddenhagen

Gloucester, MA

Two HJGT top-5 and two top-11 finishes in 2023

-Saint Mary's College of California

⭐️Matthew Almajano

Fremont, CA

2023 JTNC Summer Series: 2nd

2023 JTNC Fall Series: 6th

-Sam Houston State University

⭐️Jack Hollingsed

Dallas, TX

2023 AJGA Under Armour/Jordan Spieth Championship: 4th

Four NTPGA top-3 finishes in the past year, including one win

2023 TJGT Tyler Rose champion

⭐️Alex Malanga

Houston, TX

2023 NTPGA AAT Strackaline Boys Series 3: 5th

Three AJGA top-15 finishes in 2023

2023 LJT North Texas Classic: 8th

⭐️Ethan Dufresne

Austin, TX

2023 AJGA CT Pan Junior Championship: 3rd

2023 Gator Invitational: 9th

Three LJT top-5 finishes in 2022

-University of San Diego

⭐️Henry Dall

Scottsdale, AZ

Two AJGA top-7 finishes in 2023

Four JGAA top-5 finishes since Dec 2022

2023 Brophy Rodeo: 11th

⭐️Winston Shen

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Four AJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

2023 FCG National Tour Spring Series Championship champion

2023 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup at River Ridge: 2nd

-San Diego State University

⭐️Harry Takis


2023 International Junior Masters champion

2023 US Junior Amateur: made match play

2023 Riversdale Cup: 2nd

⭐️Teddy Gardner

San Francisco, CA

Three top-25 finishes in JTNC and JGANC events in 2023

-University of San Francisco

⭐️Henry Styles, 2024


ISGA National Finals: 2nd

Skevington Salver County U18 champion

Essex Boys Championship: 2nd

-Santa Clara University

⭐️Matthew Robles

Downey, CA

2022 AJGA Natural Delights Junior Open champion

2022 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup at River Ridge champion

Four SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup top-10 finishes in the past year

⭐️Emil Nielsen

Wellesley, MA

2023 AJGA Junior at Chicopee: 5th

2023 IMG JGT Tour Championship: 5th

2022 HJGT Tournament of Champions champion

⭐️Jack Hayden

Dublin, CA

2023 AJGA Uni-Fab Industries Preview champion

Two FCG 2nd place finishes in 2023

2022 JGANC Bryson Dechambeau Junior: 3rd

⭐️Kasper Verwers

Carlsbad, CA

* Recent results unknown

-Seattle University

⭐️Conrad Chisman

Starwood, WA

2023 Pacific Northwest Junior Amateur champion

2923 PNW Jr PGA Championship: 3rd

-Seton Hall University

⭐️Will Hennessee

Tulsa, OK

2023 Gator Invitational: 3rd

2023 South Central Jr PGA Championship champion

One TJGT & one OJGT 2nd place finish in 2023

⭐️Luke Nolan, 2024

Austin, TX

Verbal commitment: Seton Hall University

2023 TJGT Austin City Classic champion

Two other TJGT top-5 finishes in 2023

-University of South Carolina

⭐️JB Knight

Kennesaw, GA

2023 AJGA Uniqlo Adam Scott Jr Championship: 12th

2023 AJGA Junior presented by Visit Tallahassee: 15th

⭐️Ismael Encinas Ramos


2023 Ill Copa Norte champion

2023 Xll Copa Zona Centro champion

2022 US Junior Amateur: made match play

-University of South Dakota

⭐️Lance Hamak

Sartell, MN

2023 Austin Minnesota Junior Championship: 10th

2023 MN PGA Players Tour-Classic at Madden: 11th

-South Dakota State University

⭐️Jack Randall

Lawrence, KS

2023 Kansas City Junior Amateur Championship: 3rd

2023 OJGT Bailey Ranch Bash

2023 High Plains Amateur: 3rd

-University of Southern California

⭐️Jaden Dumdumaya

Fairfield, CA

2022 California State Fair champion

2023 AJGA Kevin Harvick Foundation Junior Championship: 3rd

Two other AJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

Three wins & five runner-up finishes in 2022 JTNC events

⭐️Tyler Greenspahn

Winnetka, IL

2023 Illinois Junior Amateur: 2nd

2023 AJGA Memorial Junior: 9th

Two runner-up finishes in IJGA events in 2023

-University of Southern Mississippi

⭐️Matthew Javier


2022 Golf Ontario Juvenile Boys Championship champion

2023 Golf Ontario Junior Boys Championship: 2nd

2023 Canadian Junior Boys Championship: 4th

⭐️Braden Duvall

Pace, FL

2023 Notah Begay JGNC Georgia Regional champion

2023 Divot Derby champion

2023 Alabama-NW Florida Jr PGA Championship champion

-University of St. Thomas

⭐️Will Schlitz

Eau Claire, WI

2022 WIsconsin Junior Boys Championship: 6th

Three WIPGA top-6 finishes in 2023

⭐️ Tyler McNeive

Overland Park, KS

2023 AJGA UHY St Louis Junior: 2nd

2022 HJGT Tucson Holiday Jr Open champion

2023 HJGT Kansas City Jr Open: 6th

-Stanford University

⭐️Jay Leng

La Jolla, CA

2022 AJGA PING Invitational champion

2023 AJGA Polo Junior Classic champion

Three AJGA Invitational top-5 finishes in 2023

2023 Jr PGA Championship: 5th

⭐️Logan Kim

La Canada, CA

2023 IMG Jr World Championship: 8th, 4th in 2022

Three AJGA top-5 finishes in 2022

-University of Southern Indiana

⭐️Coen Bauschek

Greenwood, IN

2022 HJGT Harmony Landing Junior Open: 3rd

2023 HJGT Indianapolis Junior Open: 2nd

-University of South Alabama

⭐️Mason Crowder, 2024

Dothan, AL

2023 AJGA Huntsville Junior: 6th

2023 Alabama Boys Jr Championship: 5th

2023 SJGT UGA Invitational: 2nd

-Stetson University

⭐️James McNair, 2024


2023 AJGA Circle K Jr Championship: 2nd

2023 AJGA Vaughn Taylor Championship: 8th

Qualified for 2023 US Junior Amateur

-Stephen F. Austin University

⭐️Braden Bergman, 2024

Flint, TX

Three LJT/TJGT top-20 finishes in 2023

2023 AJGA Under Armour/Jordan Spieth Championship: 16th

⭐️Ratchanon Chantananuwat, 2024


2023 The Amateur Championship: 3rd

2022 R&A Junior Open: 2nd

Qualified for 2022 & 2023 US Amateurs; round of 64 at

2023 US Junior

Has competed in numerous professional events in Asia,

including one win on the Asian tour

Tye Boone, 2024

Billings, MT

2023 Montana Mens State Amateur: 12th

2023 Rocky Mountain PGA Jr Championship champion

2023 FCG National Tour Colorado Championship: 2nd

⭐️Alex Peck, 2024

Noblesville, IN

2023 HJGT Fall College Prep at Purdue: 9th

2023 Indiana Boys Junior Championship: 15th

-University of South Florida

⭐️William Jun

Jupiter, FL

Four FJT top-5 finishes in the past year

2023 AJGA Spot X Hotel Jr Championship: 12th

⭐️Matthew Joseph, 2024

Bradenton, FL

Two IMG Junior Tour 3rd-place finishes in 2023

2023 NF PGA Junior Championship: 7th

2023 FJT Championsgate: 8th

-University of Southern Illinois

⭐️Phuthanate Kangwol, 2024


2023 FJGT Future USA Collegiate champion

Four 2nd place finishes in Thailand junior events in 2022 & 2023

-San Jose State University

⭐️Awesome Burnett, 2024

Flower Mound, TX

2023 NTPGA Junior Championship champion

2023 MCI Mack Champ Invitational: 5th

2023 TJGT 54 Showdown: 8th

-Saint Francis University

-University of South Carolina Upstate

⭐️Ross Wright, 2024

Houston, TX

2023 STPGA Rio Grande Showcase: 5th

2023 FCG Global Cup Championship- World Series: 4th

Three Top-13 LJT Finishes in 2023

Three AJGA top-20 finishes in 2023

⭐️Samuel Stribling, 2024

Georgetown, TX

2023 AJGA Dominican Junior Open: 2nd

2023 Notah Begay Southern Texas Regional champion

-St. Bonaventure University

⭐️Nick Cecchini, 2024

Jupiter, FL

Three SFPGA top-4 finishes in 2023

Two HJGT top-10 finishes in 2023

-Siena College

⭐️Connor Kiel, 2024

Fairport, NY

Qualified for 2023 US Junior Amateur

2022 NYS Junior Amateur: top-5 finish

2022 RDGA Jr Championship champion

⭐️Ryan Arnold, 2024 (defer to 2026)

Agoura Hills, CA

2023 Toyota Tour Cup at River Ridge : 7th

2023 Toyota Tour Cup at Los Serranos: 2nd

2023 Marmonte League Individual Champion

Qualified for 2023 California State Amateur

-Samford University

⭐Gavin Isbell., 2024

Trussville, AL

2023 AJGA Grand National champion

Two SJGT 2nd place & two top-10 finishes in 2023

⭐Jake Olson, 2024

Watertown, SD

2021 & 2023 South Dakota Junior Championship champion

2023 Sanford Futures Tournament champion

⭐Filip Svendsen, 2024


2023 Danish Juniors International champion

Three Srixon Tour top-6 finishes in 2023

⭐️Cameron Langley, 2024

Lake Charles, LA

2023 USSSA Governor's Games: 3rd

2023 Allstate Sugar Bowl Fall Series Week 3: 3rd

-Saint Peter's University

⭐️Jack Hennelly, 2024

Eatontown, NJ

Three wins & one 2nd place in one-day NJ PGA events in 2023

Two HJGT wins in 2023

⭐️Braddock Damore, 2024

Warren, PA

2023 Notah Begay Virginia Regional champion

2023 Pennsylvania Junior Championship: 3rd

2023 AJGA Marathon Petroleum Preview at Findlay: 2nd

-St. John's University

⭐️Joseph Dolezal, 2024

Old Westbury, NY

Three MET PGA wins in 2023

2023 AJGA Butterfield Bermuda Junior Championship: 7th

Two other MET PGA top-4 finishes in 2023

⭐️Walker Lamb, 2024

Bothell, WA

2023 AJGA Salt Lake Junior: 8th

2023 FCG Half Moon Bay Championship: 4th

Two WJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

⭐️ Alexander McClain, 2024

Reston, VA

2021 Concorde District Individual Champion

2023 Mid Atlantic Fall Junior Open: 2nd

Three HJGT Top 5 Finishes in 2023

⭐️Daniel Macias, 2024

Austin, TX

2023 LJT Bluebonnet Championship: 14th

2023 LJT North Texas Classic: 17th

-Southern University

⭐️Isaiah Gold, 2024

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Three CJG top-15 finishes in 2023

2023 SCGA Junior Gold Tour Major #1: 3rd

⭐Hayden Moore, 2024

Geneseo, IL

Two MAJGT wins in 2023

2023 AJGA Preview at Meadowbrook: 6th

⭐️Bryce VanHorn, 2024

Cortland, OH

One HJGT win & two top-10 finishes in 2023

2023 NO PGA Championship: 9th