Commitment Edits

College Golf Commits is now designing commitment edits! We have several styles to choose from, and we're always expanding our ideas and will work with you on a specific request. We want your commitment announcement to stand out! We keep our edit price reasonable at $25 and accept payment through Venmo (@collegegolfcommits) or Paypal ( We have dozens of choices for background, overlays, and fonts. Everything is customizable! If interested, please message us on instagram to @collegegolfcommits or send an email to with the following information:

Let us help you announce your college commitment in style!

Style #1: Campus background

Style #2 Classic variations

Style #5: Classic with Committed on side

campus bottom/golf course top

Style #3: Shapes

Style #6: for sparkly personalities!

Golf course or campus on bottom

Style #7: Vintage

campus or course bottom/sky on top

campus/course blended w/ school colors



Other text requests (hometown, graduating class, etc)

Graphic of college name or their mascot logo

Style that you like (see below)

Special requests (overlays, backgrounds, effects, sponsor logo)

*Send 1, 2, or 3 CLEAR pictures

Style #4: Film