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Commitment Edits

Our graphic designer is ready to design your commitment edit! We have several styles to choose from, and we're always expanding our ideas and will work with you on a specific request. We want your commitment announcement to stand out! We keep our edit price reasonable at $25 and accept payment through Venmo (@collegegolfcommits) or Paypal ( **There is an extra $5 charge for edits in which we change logos on clothing and replace with a college logo. We have hundreds of choices for background, overlays, and fonts. Everything is customizable! If interested, please message us on instagram to @collegegolfcommits or @collegecommitedits_ or send an email to with the following information:

Let us help you announce your college commitment in style!

Style #1 :Sky & Clouds (Blue, night, school color, or sunset), Campus/course bottom

Style #5 Classic variations

campus bottom/golf course top

Style #6: Shapes

Style #8: for sparkly personalities!

Golf course or campus on bottom

Style #9: Vintage



Other text requests (hometown, graduating class, etc)

Graphic of college name or their mascot logo

Style that you like (see below)

Special requests (overlays, backgrounds, effects, sponsor logo)

*Send 1, 2, or 3 CLEAR pictures

Style #7: Film

Style #10: Simple lines/ half & half

**Only $15

Style #2: Color blend w/ campus or course

campus/grassy bottom

Style #s 1/2 Hybrid

Style #4: Smoky border w/ campus

or course pic

Style #3: Solid color top/ campus or course bottom