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Class of 2025 Boys

-University of Florida

⭐️Parker Severs, 2025

Lakewood Ranch, FL

Two wins & three FJT 2nd place finishes in 2023

2022 AJGA Under Armour/Jordan Spieth Championship: 8th

-University of Georgia

⭐️John Daniel (JD) Culbreth, 2025

Thomasville, GA

2023 Sea Pines Jr Heritage champion

2023 Georgia Amateur Championship: 2nd

Top-15 finishes at the AJGA Wyndham Invitational & Junior

Players Championship

2023 Jones Cup Junior Invitational: 3rd

⭐️Trevor Gutschewski, 2025

Elkhorn, NE

V2023 AJGA Salt Lake Junior: 3rd

2023 Nebraska Junior Amateur: 2nd

2023 NE PGA Junior Championship: 9th

⭐️Shawn Coultoff, 2025

Winter Garden, FL

Six top-7 AJGA finishes in the last 18 months

Qualified for the 2022 US Junior Amateur & the USGA Four

Ball in 2024

2022 Orlando International Amateur for Juniors: 3rd

-Florida State University

⭐️Will Guthrie, 2025

Charlotte, NC

2023 Gator Invitational: 3rd

2023 Hope Valley Junior Invitational: 4th

2023 Carolinas Junior: 4th

2022 George Holliday Champion

-Furman University

⭐️Cameron Reed, 2025

Ponte Vedra, FL

Two AJGA top-6 finishes in 2023

2023 Donald Ross Jr Championship: 3rd

2022 Notah Begay Central Florida Regional champion

⭐️Benton Manly, 2025

Tulsa, OK

2023 South Central PGA Players Tour at Lost Springs champion

Two OJGT top-4 finishes in 2023

2023 AJGA Joplin Jr Championship: 6th

⭐️Lorenzo Rodriguez, 2025

Miami, FL

2023 AJGA Huntsville Junior: 2nd

2024 Junior Orange Bowl Championship: 7th

Two FJT top-3 finishes in 2023

-Fresno State University

⭐️Nash Arthurs, 2025

Peoria, AZ

Two AJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

Four JGAA top-4 finishes in 2023

-Georgetown University

⭐️Carson Erick, 2024 + GAP

Hingham, MA

2023 Massachusetts Junior Amateur champion

2023 US Challenge Cup Boys Championship: 3rd

2023 AJGA Junior at Chicopee: 9th

⭐️Drew Schauenberg, 2025

Barrington, IL

Two AJGA top-7 finishes in 2023

2024 IJGA Dupage County Junior Classic: 7th

-Georgia Southern University

⭐️Trace Carter, 2025

Blackshear, GA

2024 FJT Florida State 54 Hole Major: 3rd

2923 Orlando International Amateur for Juniors: 6th

⭐️Akira Ransi, 2025

Folsom, CA

One win & two JGANC 2nd place finishes from June 2023-Jan 2024

2023 Notah Begay Northern California Regional: 6th