Class of 2025 Girls

-University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

⭐️Ellen Yu, 2025

Greensboro, NC

2023 Dustin Johnson World Junior: 6th

2022 PKBGT 14th Invitational: 2nd

2023 Beth Daniel Junior Azalea: 9th

⭐️Grace Ridenour, 2025

Raleigh, NC

2023 AJGA HV3 Foundation Junior Open champion

2023 AJGA Three Little Birds Memorial open: 3rd

2022 Elite Invitational: 9th

⭐️Emerson Dever, 2025

Durham, NC

Three PKBGT top-3 finishes in the past year

2023 Sea Pines Junior Heritage: 5th

2023 AJGA HV3 Foundation Junior Open: 8th

-Northwestern University

⭐️Arianna Lau, 2025

Hong Kong

2023 IMG Junior World Championship: 2nd

2023 AJGA Natural Resource Partners Bluegrass

Junior: 3rd

2023 FCG International Junior Championship: 4th

-University of Notre Dame

⭐️Sawyer Brockstedt, 2025

Rehoboth, DE

2023 AJGA Three Little Birds Memorial Open champion

Three other AJGA top-6 finishes in 2023

-North Carolina State University

⭐️Ellie Hildreth, 2025

Wrightsville Beach, NC

2022 SCJGA Beth Daniel Junior Invitational: 2nd

2022 PKB Tour Championship: 2nd

2023 Hope Valley Invitational: 4th

Two CGA 4th place finishes in 2023

⭐️Taryn Cagle, 2025

San Clemente, CA

2023 AJGA UHY St Louis Junior: 3rd

2023 Women's Western Junior: 10th, quarterfinals in match play

2023 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup at Industry Hills: 6th

⭐️Elizabeth (Betsy) Sullivan, 2025

Atlanta, GA

Two AJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

2023 Katherine Perry Hamski Girls Tradition: 2nd

2023 SJGT Chattahoochee Jr Classic: 2nd

-University of New Mexico

⭐️Ava Cepeda, 2025

Hauula, HI

One win & two HSJGA 2nd-place finishes in 2023

2023 HJGT NB3 Hawaii Regional champion

2023 FCG Callaway World Championship World Series: 2nd

⭐️Lauren Lee, 2025

Irvine, CA

2023 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup at Mission Hills champion

2023 FCG National Tour Labor Day Championship champion

2023 AJGA Brandon Wu Championship: 3rd

-University of Nevada-Reno

⭐️Hannah Stouder, 2025

Sacramento, CA

Six JGANC top-6 finishes in 2023 to Jan 2024

Two JTNC top-5 finishes in 2023

-University of Nevada- Las Vegas

⭐️Malia Cottriel, 2025

Costa Mesa, CA

2023 SDJGA North Park Tropjy & Award: 3rd

2023 SCPGA Players Tour top-10 finishes in 2023