-Class of 2025 Boys Recruiting Class Rankings

*Updated around the 1st and 15th of each month

1. Vanderbilt University: Will Hartman, Michael Riebe, Jon Ed Steed

2. Auburn University: Jake Albert, Logan Reilly, Jack Roberts

3. University of Alabama: Chase Kyes, Andrew Hinson

4. Clemson University: Jackson Byrd, Samuel Duran, Tip Price

5. Princeton University: Eric Zhao, Luke Brandler, one unannounced

6. University of California- Los Angeles: Joshua Kim, Tyler Loree

7. University of Georgia: John Daniel Culbreth, Will Guthrie

8. University of Texas: Brooks Simmons, Adam Villaneuva

9. Brigham Young University: Kihei Akina, Jackson Shelley

10. Texas Christian University: Austin Hofferkamp, Sam Udovich, Nathan Miller

*Close behind:

University of Oklahoma: Eli Walker Campbell, Preston Albee, Adam Anderson

University of North Carolina- CH: Carson Bertagnole, Mack Edwards

Texas A&M University: Mitchell Maier, Shiv Parmar

Arizona State: Bowen Mauss, Kent Karlstrom

University of Florida: Parker Severs, Trevor Gutschewski, Lorenzo Rodriguez

University of South Carolina: Andre Zhu, Mason Kucia, Talan Harrison

University of Notre Dame: Liam Pasternak, Peyton Blackard

Texas Tech University: Simon Hovdal, Brady McHenry

*Looking at:

Mississippi State University: Jackson Skinner, Jackson Cook, Bryson Hughes

Baylor University: Tyler Sanford, Patrick Babb

*Our rankings are based off of analysis of all three junior rankings metrics, and WAGR (for int'l athletes) for the athletes which we have received confirmation of commitment. We may not have full information regarding all of the top int'l athletes; please send us any information that we may be missing!

3/31: It's been a quiet two weeks in recruiting, as no new recruits affect our top-10. We look forward to seeing movement within the top-10 and the teams listed in 'close behind' as the competitive season starts to ramp up. New stars may start to emerge.

2/14: UNC Chapel Hill and Texas A&M jump into our 'close behind' category, as both picked up a 2nd verbal commitment. At UNC, Mack Edwards will join our #7 ranked recruit, Carson Bertagnole in the fall of 2025. Bertagnole's game started heating up at the end of 2023. Texas A&M adds JGS #22 ranked Shiv Parmar to another top-40 recruit, Mitchell Maier to vault them into our rankings list. Keep an eye on this week's AJGA Simplify Championship and the upcoming Dustin Johnson World Junior to see how the top teams fare.

2/28 It's been a quiet half month in the top team commitment department, and we enter a period in which tournament finishes may dictate rankings movement. Baylor joins our group of teams to look at, with the currently #50 & #56 ranked recruits on JGS committed.

3/14: Georgia and Texas have switched places in our rankings, mainly due to the continued rise of JD Culbreth, who continued his consistent play with a T-6th at the Dustin Johnson World Junior. Arizona State is making some noise, as Bowen Mauss enters our top-10 for this class. Texas A&M's recruiting class continues to have steady performances on the Legends Junior Tour.

4/14: No major commitments have occurred in the past two weeks. Many of the top-100 ranked boys in this class have committed; therefore, commitment movement will occur because of tournament results during the season.