-University of Tennessee

Class of 2025 Boys

⭐️Luke Smith, 2025


2023 Golf Ontario Junior Boys Championship champion

Qualified to 2023 US Amateur & 2nd stage US Open qualifying

2023 AJGA KJ Choi Foundation Texas Jr Championship: 6th

-University of Tennessee- Chattanooga

⭐️Griffin Law, 2025

Chattanooga, TN

2023 Sneds Tour Open at Henry Horton champion

2023 SJGT UGA Invitational: 5th

2023 Bubba Conlee Tournament: 10th

-University of Texas

⭐️Adam Villanueva, 2025

Austin, TX

2023 AJGA Mizuno Junior Championship champion

Two TJGT wins & one 2nd place finish in the past year

⭐️Brooks Simmons, 2025

Dallas, TX

2023 AJGA Mayakoba Invitational: 2nd

2023 AJGA Jack Burke Jr Invitational: 8th

2023 Junior North & South Amateur: 4th

2023 Jr PGA Championship: 12th

-Texas Christian University

⭐️Austin Hofferkamp, 2025

The Woodlands, TX

Three AJGA top-5 finishes in 2023

Two NTPGA wins in 2023

Three LJT top-5 finishes in the past year, including one win

⭐️Sam Udovich, 2025

Inver Grove Heights, MN

2023 AJGA Coca-Cola Jr Championship at Sugarloaf champion

Two other AJGA top-6 finishes in 2023

2023 MNPGA Jr PGA Championship champion

-Texas Tech University

⭐️Brady McHenry, 2025

Ventura, CA

Two AJGA top-6 finishes in 2023

Two SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup top-3 finishes since Oct, 2022

One win & one 2nd place is VCJGA events since Dec, 2022

-Texas A&M University

⭐️Mitchell Maier, 2025

Richmond, TX

2022 LJT George Hannon junior invitational champion

2023 LJT Veritex Bank Byron Nelson junior championship: 5th

Two AJGA open top 5 finishes

2022 TJGT Texas state match play champion

⭐️Simon Hovdal, 2025


Two Svenska Juniortouren event wins in 2023

2023 Swedish Golf Team Invitational champion

2023 US Junior Amateur: round of 64

⭐️Conner Brummitt, 2025

Arlington, VA

2023 AJGA Greenwood Junior Championship: 3rd

2023 AJGA Matthew Nesmith Jr Championship: 10th

2023 Future Masters: 12th

⭐️Nathan Miller, 2025

Dallas, TX

2023 AJGA Ping Invitational: 2nd

2023 LJT Bluebonnet Championship champion

2023 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic: 2nd

⭐️Shiv Parmar, 2025

Selma, TX

Two LJT wins from Dec 23-Jan 24

2023 Mack Champ Invitational champion

Two AJGA top-7 finishes in 2023

-University of Texas-San Antonio

⭐️Joshua Hong, 2025


2023 JGANC Bumgardner Memorial Junior champion

2023 All Ages GAR National WAGR Tournament champion

2023 US Kids International Local Tour in Mexico champion

⭐️Evan Rogers, 2024

Duluth, GA

Two AJGA top-5 finishes in early 2024

Two SJGT wins & one 2nd place in 2023