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Class of 2025 Boys

-Ohio State University

⭐️Finley Bartlett, 2025

Cincinnati, OH

2022 AJGA Justin Thomas Junior Championship champion

2022 AJGA Ping An Bank Jr All-Star Invitational: 3rd

Qualified for 2023 US Junior Amateur

-University of Oklahoma

⭐️Preston Albee, 2025

Choctaw, OK

2023 AJGA Talor Gooch Foundation Jr Championship champion

2023 TJGT Red River Challenge champion

Two other AJGA top-5 finishes in 2023

⭐️Eli Walker Campbell, 2025

Richmond, TX

2023 AJGA Butterfield Bermuda Jr Championship: 2nd

Two other AJGA top-10 finishes in 2023

Four LJT top-10 finishes in the past year

-Purdue University

⭐️Will Harvey, 2025

Westfield, IN

2023 Golfweek Junior Tour at Purdue Kampen: 2nd

2023 AJGA Ann Arbor Preview champion

2023 Bubba Conlee Tournament: 6th

⭐️Giedrius Mackelis, 2025


Two GJG top-3 finishes & One GJGT 2nd place finish

2022 PGA Polska champion

Three time LTU Championship & Two time LTU Amateur Open winner

-Princeton University

⭐️Luke Brandler, 2025

Pebble Beach, CA

Second place at the following 2023 tournaments: Two JTNC events, HKGA Hong Kong Jr Open Championship, AJGA Junior Copper Valley

2023 IMG Junior Worlds: 4th

-University of Oregon

⭐️Teddy Vigna, 2025

Santa Barbara, CA

2023 FCG Central Coast Championship: 2nd

2023 SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup Jr PGA Championship: 2nd

Qualified to 2023 US Junior Amateur

⭐️Adam Anderson, 2025

Ventura, CA

Two SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup wins in the past year

2023 LA City Junior Championship champion

2033 Kevin Harvick Foundation Jr Championship: 8th

⭐️Eric Zhao, 2025


2022 AJGA Ping An Bank Jr All-Star Invitational champion

Three AJGA Open top-3 finishes in 2022 & 2023

2022 Canadian Men's Amateur: 5th

2023 US Junior Amateur: round of 64

-Oklahoma State University

⭐️Jaxon Bandelier, 2025

Austin, TX

One win & one 2nd place finish in LJT events in 2023

Three AJGA top-6 finishes in 2023 & 2024

2023 STPGA Alamo City Shootout: 2nd

⭐️Sean Lampropoulos, 2025

Salt Lake City, UT

Two Utah PGA 2nd place finishes in 2023

2023 Salt Lake City Amateur champion

2023 AJGA Salt Lake Junior: 8th

2023 UJGA IMG Junior World Qualifying: 8th

-Ohio University

⭐️Jack Flores, 2025

Worthington, OH

2023 CDGA Junior Championship champion

Two Golfweek Junior Tour top-5 finishes from July/23- March/24

2023 Hudson Junior Invitational: 7th

-Rutgers University

⭐️Harry Cohen, 2025

Wyckoff, NJ

2023 NJ PGA Back to School Championship champion

2024 AJGA Panama Junior: 5th

Two other AJGA top-15 finishes in 2023

-Oregon State university

⭐️Nguyen Ang Minh, 2025


2023 Nam A Bank Vietnam Masters champion

2023 Vietnam National Championship: 2nd

2023 Faldo Series Asia Grand Final champion

2024 Vietnam-Korea LSG Invitational champion

⭐️Martin Saquicoray, 2025


Two wins in junior tournaments in Spain in 2023

Two 2nd place finishes in Campeonato events in 2023

⭐️Oscar Lent, 2025


2024 Robert Rock European Masters champion

2024 FET Portugal: 2nd

2024 SSGT Strokeplay Tour Championship: 2nd

-Pennsylvania State University

⭐️Nick Werner, 2025

Wilkes Barre, PA

2023 AJGA Junior at East Potomac: 9th

2024 Scott Robertson Memorial: 10th

2023 AJGA Junior at Huntsville: 13th

⭐️Jackson Saroney, 2025

Syracuse, NY

2024 NYSGA Junior Amateur Championship: 4th

2024 Central NY PGA Junior Open champion

2024 HJGT Spring College Prep Series at UK champion