Class of 2025 Girls Recruiting Class Rankings

*Our rankings are based off of analysis of all three junior rankings metrics, and WAGR (for int'l athletes) for the athletes which we have received confirmation of commitment. We may not have full information regarding all of the top int'l athletes; please send us any information that we may be missing!

*Updated around the 1st and 15th of each month

1. Duke University: Rianne Malixi, Avery McCrery

2. Princeton University: Thanana Kotchasanmanee, Luna Lu, Sarah Lim

3.. Louisiana State University: Ryleigh Knaub, Perla Sol Sigurbrandsdottir

4. University of California- Los Angeles: Athena Yoo, Maye Huang, Zoe Sprecher, Kacey Ly

5. Stanford University: Anna Song, Kaila Elsayegh

6.Texas A&M University: Avery Zweig, Brynn Kort, Natalie Yen

7. University of Virginia: Kathryn Ha, Remi Bacardi, Elsie MacCleery, Yuuki Takada

8. University of Tennessee: Thapasit Thitikarn, Madison Messimer, Isabella Johnson

9. Arizona State University: Pimpisa Rubrong, Kate Dillon, Johanna Axelsson

10. University of California-Berkeley: Michelle Woo, Camila Zignaigo

Teams to watch:

Auburn University: Charlotte Cantonis, Kate Barber, Frances Brown

Oklahoma State: Sophia Ellestad, Tarapath Panya

Northwestern University: Arianna Lau, Lauren Lee

Univeristy of Arkansas: Sayers Allen, Swetha Sathish

2/14: Northwestern joins our watchlist, as JGS #53 ranked recruit Lauren Lee joins #22 ranked Arianna Lau in this recruiting class. We may see some movement in the next few weeks, with two elite tournaments on the schedule.

2/28: Sarah Lim has joined the 2025 recruiting class at Princeton. Other than her commitment, there were no other girls' commitment in the past two weeks to affect the rankings.

3/15: Oregon drops from our rankings, as Pimpisa Rubrong has switched her commitment to Arizona State. That causes the Sun Devils to enter our rankings at #9, with three quality international recruits. Virginia moves up a spot with the additional of Japan's Yuuki Takada. Arkansas is now one of our teams to watch, as Sayers Allen and Swetha Sathish are both top-35 recruits on JGS.

4/14 & 3/31 There were no new commitments that affected our rankings in the past month.